Art Classes

The Fort Erie Arts Council is proud to support local artists in providing classes, workshops and camps for the community.

Are you a local artist looking for ways to get involved or offer a class? Contact the Fort Erie Arts Council classes to get started


Ongoing Programs

Children’s Art Classes - Kidoodle by Laurie Blue

 Laurie Blue started Kidoodle four years ago to give back to the community she grew up in and to create a fun non threatening environment to nurture the creativity and curiosity she so often sees in kids. In Kidoodle Laurie gives the students the opportunity to dabble in several different medias such as pastel, clay, paint, ink, pencil, mixed media while teaching some of the fundamentals in art. She introduces basic techniques, terminology, as well as the Elements and Principles of Design in a fun kid friendly way.

Adult Art Classes and Workshops - by Melani Pyke

 Melani offers a classes and workshops for beginner and intermediate adult and teen students looking to learn, improve or expand upon their creative skills in drawing and painting. Melani specializes in acrylic painting techniques exploring uses of a variety of media to develop compositions and preliminary drawings.

Children’s Art Camps

 Children’s art camps are offered during holiday breaks for children and youth. A variety of fun activities and medias are used to help children explore their creativity, including painting, printmaking, sketching & drawing, mixed media, 3D art, games, and much more! Before and After Care is available for the camps.

- March Break Kids
- Art Camp Art-X-Etera Summer Art Camp
- Christmas Break Art Camp



Featured Instructors


Laurie Blue
Laurie Blue is a local girl who grew up in Ridgeway and has always been in love with doodling and painting since the time she was a little girl. She graduated from Sheridan College of Art and works as a freelance artist/illustrator in-between teaching and being a mom. She is passionate about nurturing artistic talent and has taught several age groups from the ages of 3 to 80 years of age. Currently Laurie is a full time art teacher at Niagara Christian Collegiate where she has taught for the last twelve years.


Melani Pyke
Melani Pyke is a local artist who specializes in Inspirational art and Christian themed paintings. She has a passion to use her artistic gifts to bring hope and encouragement to others' lives, which is evident in her live performance paintings, teaching, and custom pieces based on people's visions.



Melissa Lococo
Melissa Lococo is a local artist from Niagara who specializes in mixed media, printmaking, photography, DIY and up-cycled art projects.  She is passionate about exploration and creativity in art and helping instill this in children and their growth in the art world.  Melissa has a specific interest in art therapy and the benefits related to autism, ADHD, mental health and well-being.



Abbie Scheffold
Abbie is a registered early childhood educator working locally in kindergarten for the District School Board of Niagara.  She has worked with children ages 1-12 years since childhood but professionally for almost 15 years.  She has a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree with an Honors Major in Theatre.  She has conducted many art workshops for children incorporating mixed media art, music, movement, puppetry and yoga.  The combination of drama and art education allows for wonderful teaching and learning moments and a whole lot of fun! When she isn’t teaching, you can find her creating and making art at home with her children in their art studio or in the garden!

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